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Soundscape Audio & Video
(707) 578-4434
1044 4th Street
Santa Rosa, CA
Home Audio, Design & Installation

Summit Electronic Systems, Inc.
(707) 542-1510
2450 Bluebell DriveSte. C
Santa Rosa, CA
Audio / Video, Home Automation / Systems Integration / Home Networking, Home Theater, Lighting Control, Multi-Room Audio
One or more employees at this company have achieved CEDIA Professional Certification status:- Larry Dashiell, CEDIA Certified Instructor- Jim Jones, CEDIA Certified Professional Designer- Michael Marshall, CEDIA Certified Professional EST II

Bose Factory Store
(707) 775-3003
Petaluma Village Premium Outlets,2200 Petaluma Boulevard North
Petaluma, CA
Best Buy
2909 Los Feliz Blvd
Los Angeles, CA
Best Buy
3260 Buskirk Ave
Pleasant Hill, CA
High Definition Designs
(707) 542-8450
PO Box 6166
Santa Rosa, CA
Audio / Video, Home Theater, Multi-Room Audio, Multi-Room Video, Telephone Systems
Gallo, Artison, Canton, Celestion, Energy, Jamo, KEF, MBQuart, NHT, Niles, Pinnacle, Polk, Rockustics, Sonance, Technomad, Velodyne, Adcom, Delphi, Denon, JVC, Nuvo, Panasonic, Pioneer, Yamaha, Xantech, Chief, Fujitsu, Optoma, Samsung Vutec
One or more employees at this company have achieved CEDIA Professional Certification status:- Eliseo Pabon, CEDIA Certified Professional EST II

Summit Electronic Systems Inc.
(707) 542-4773
2450 Bluebell Drive
Santa Rosa, CA
ALD Sound Systems
(707) 575-1053
425 Lincoln Street
Santa Rosa, CA
GoldenEar Northern CA Showroom

Wilshire Home Entertainment
(805) 497-7536
1412 North Moorpark Rd.
Thousand Oaks, CA
Southwest Audio Visual
(858) 324-1704
10635 Roselle StreetSte. C
San Diego, CA
Audio / Video, Home Automation / Systems Integration / Home Networking, Home Theater, Multi-Room Audio, Multi-Room Video
Savant, Integra, Triad, SpeakerCraft, Gefen, Universal Remote Control, APC, PSB, JVC, Russound, Sphere, Screen Research Theater Screens, Panasonic
One or more employees at this company have achieved CEDIA Professional Certification status:- Jim Diez, CEDIA Certified Professional EST II- William Kauzlarich, CEDIA Certified Professional EST II



meadowlark audio

Swift loudspeakers

as reviewed by Larry Cox and Jim Grudzien

swift.jpg (63441 bytes)


one.jpg (6551 bytes)Being an audiophile means that you obsess, wonder, and worry that there's something missing in the sound of your system, and that if you find that one precious thing, all will be well in your audio and musical life. The antidote is easy—throw money at the problem and continue as before, hoping to find the component that will satisfy you forever. Occasionally you think you've found it, but realize you were incorrect and get back on the treadmill, spending more money, thinking you've got it right, realizing you were wrong, and so on. There is no resolution in this model, but how many audiophiles do you know who are eager, if not anxious, to hear the next great component? It seems to be part of audiophilia, especially among reviewers, but what if you are not an audiophile, and don't want to get on the treadmill? You see audiophiles spending tons of money, and sheepishly saying that this is what you need to do to get good sound. For those not ready to throw money at their dissatisfaction, the advice seems crazy.

The good news for people looking to jump in is that, while there is still a deep end to swim in, there are also lots of toys in the "shallow" end that are pretty great. After splashing around for a little while, you can get out, dry off, and move on to something else. In other words, there are many inexpensive, good sounding speakers these days, even though they don't all sound alike. Here's where you are likely to find that your dilemma lies—do you go for detail and tonal accuracy without undue brightness, but settle for a slightly lightweight sound, or do you go for a speaker with more bass and a decent tonal balance, but which has less detail? You also have to choose the speakers that work best in your room. This brings me to the $995 Meadowlark Swifts.

The Swifts are Meadowlark Audio's entry-level floorstanding speakers. They are well built, easy on the eyes, and easy to drive. The Swifts are about 35 inches tall, and slightly tilted back, and have a very solid feel despite their relatively light weight. They present a simple face to the listener, with a small rectangular port at the base of the speaker for the transmission line. Meadowlark delivers the speakers with cute and functional stands that look like bird's feet. The Swifts feature first-order crossovers, and are quite efficient. They play loud easily and quickly, and with grace. My initial impression was of a slightly lean sound with relatively little bass, though it should be taken into account that I'm listening in a fairly large—26 by 20 foot—room, with an average ceiling height of eleven feet. It takes a lot of sound to fill this room, and the Swifts, like many many speakers I've previously listened to and loved, were a bit too small for the job. In my back bedroom, they were ...

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