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Best Buy
1615 Emmet St N
Charlottesville, VA
Crutchfield, Charlottesville
(434) 817-1100
1784 Rio Hill Center
Charlottesville, VA
The AV Company
(434) 977-8288
1585 Avon St. Extended
Charlottesville, VA
Home Automation / Systems Integration / Home Networking, Home Theater, Lighting Control, Multi-Room Audio, Security / Access Control / Surveillance / Gate Access
Bose, HAI, Greyfox, Honeywell, MD Mfg., Polk, Russound, Proficient, Denon, OnQ Legrand, Belden, Crestron, GE Security, Onkyo, Panasonic, Da-Lite, Panamax, Pioneer, Speakercraft
One or more employees at this company have achieved CEDIA Professional Certification status:- Jared Davis, CEDIA Certified Professional EST II- Jordan Gibson, CEDIA Certified Professional EST II- Lindsay Heath, CEDIA Certified Professional EST II- Terry Hebb, CEDIA Certified Professional EST II- Erik Hord, CEDIA Certified Professional Designer, CEDIA Certified Professional EST II- David Marrs, CEDIA Certified Professional EST II- Tim Meadows, CEDIA Certified Professional EST II- Drew Stanley, CE

Home Technologies
(757) 223-1062
11830 Fishing Point Dr. Ste 215
Charlottesville, VA
Bose Factory Store
(703) 771-3834
Leesburg Corner Premium Outlets,241 Fort Evans Road NE
Leesburg, VA
Crutchfield - The Store
(434) 817-1100
1784 Rio Hill Center
Charlottesville, VA
Stereo Types
(804) 973-8820
1907 Seminole Trail
Charlottesville, VA
Home Audio, Design & Installation

(434) 817-1000
1 Crutchfield Park
Charlottesville, VA
MX3 Audio Visual
(434) 465-3360
PO Box 616
Charlottesville, VA
Hook It Up
(703) 444-4665
201 Davis Drive
Sterling, VA

Monarchy Audio

monarchy audio

PCOCC speaker wire

as reviewed by John Hoffman



The manufacturing process of wire starts with molten copper being formed into long rods or bars. These bars are then drawn through a small orifice that is sized to produce the required gauge of wire. Conventional high purity copper wire has 1500 grains per foot of wire. The grain count is significant because these juncture points compromise the transmission of audio signal down the wire. Oxygen Free High Conductivity (OFHC) wires has an improved formation, with a count of 400 grains per foot. In 1986, Professor Ohno from the Chiba Institute of Technology developed a continuous casting process for wire (OCC), which resulted in revolutionary improvement in the structural formation. The Ohno method uses heated molds, which controls the length of time that the molten copper cools down in. The rapid cooling time of the conventional casting process is responsible for the fractured grain structure; which results in an inferior end product. Wire drawn from OCC ingots will contain a single copper grain, which can be over seven hundred feet in length. A single grain wire has all the desirable properties for signal transmission, and is remarkably durable.

At one point, TDK began the process of entering the high performance cable arena, but later decided to refocus on the media side of their business. CC Poon of Monarchy Audio took advantage of an opportunity to purchase several spools of TDK branded OCC speaker wire. Given the pedigree of this wire, I was curious to experiment with it since Monarchy prices their speaker cable at $69 for a 10- foot pair. This is unheard of pricing for OCC speaker wire, and it even includes banana plug terminations.

The speaker cable is composed of two 14-gauge wires for each leg of the cable, resulting in a 12-gauge aggregate size. A synthetic thread is woven through the center of the cable, and acts as a damper to absorb any mechanical vibrations that are created by the passage of current.[1] The wire is terminated with a set of compression fit banana plugs. These are solid terminations, and perform their task quite adequately.

My current system uses Audio Magic silver ribbon speaker wire and interconnects. These were removed, and the Monarchy wire was installed in conjunction with a set of Analysis Plus Oval One interconnects. The Oval One interconnects sold for $98 a pair, and are indicative of the level of cable that a hobbyist would likely use with the Monarchy speaker wire. Actually these interconnects are a fine example of what an entry level cable is capable of, and maintain the proper balance between tonality, detail, and harmonic structure.

Out of the box the Monarchy wire was easy on the ears. The sound was big full and robust; clearly this cable was living life to the fullest. As time progressed the speaker cable underwent a gradual change, becoming refined and genteel ...

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