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1541 Carl D Silver Pkwy
Fredericksburg, VA
Apple Music Inc
(540) 371-0473
1009 Princess Anne St
Fredericksburg, VA
Types of Instruments Sold
Drums & Percussion, Sound Reinforcement, Recording Equipment, Guitars & Fretted Instruments

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Music Quest Inc
(540) 659-9637
429 New Hope Church Rd
Fredericksburg, VA
Types of Instruments Sold
Digital Piano, Electronic Keyboard, Organs, Band & Orchestral, Drums & Percussion, Sound Reinforcement, Guitars & Fretted Instruments

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(804) 937-9001
4900 W Clay St.
Richmond, VA
Home Automation / Systems Integration / Home Networking, Home Theater, Lighting Control, Multi-Room Audio, Security / Access Control / Surveillance / Gate Access
Bose, PolkAudio, Marantz, Russound, Niles, Samsung, Harman Kardon, Pioneer, Panasonic
One or more employees at this company have achieved CEDIA Professional Certification status:- George Clifford, CEDIA Certified Professional EST II- Henry Clifford, CEDIA Certified Professional EST II- Mike Longo, CEDIA Certified Professional EST II- Marshall Lupejkis, CEDIA Certified Professional EST II- Mark Polansky, CEDIA Certified Professional EST II

Lee Hartman & Sons
(540) 366-3493
3236 Cove Rd.
Roanoke, VA
Pickers Supply Inc.
(540) 371-4669
902 Caroline St
Fredericksburg, VA
Types of Instruments Sold
Sound Reinforcement, Guitars & Fretted Instruments

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Pro Sound Fredricksburg
(540) 752-9521
259 Richards Ferry Rd
Fredericksburg, VA
Types of Instruments Sold
Sound Reinforcement

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Greenbrier Music
(540) 372-3786
2215 Jefferson Davis Hwy
Fredricksburg, VA
Types of Instruments Sold
Drums & Percussion, Recording Equipment, Guitars & Fretted Instruments, DJ Equipment

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Audio Exchange
(804) 282-0438
6007 W. Broad Street
Richmond, VA
Home Audio, Design & Installation

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105 Shoppers Way
Christiansburg, VA
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Grand Prix Audio Formula Shelf

grand prix audio

Formula Shelf and Apex Footers

as reviewed by Greg Weaver




It has been nearly three years since I reviewed the superlative and, to these ears, unsurpassed, Grand Prix Audio Monaco Modular Isolation system. Since that time, I have gradually been able to improve upon its original spectacular effectiveness, one-step at a time.

The first improvement came when I was asked to review the Redpoint Model D turntable. Alvin Lloyd was kind enough to send me a Formula Shelf to evaluate in its roll supporting the 135-pound behemoth music maker from Peter Clark. Even though the three-quarters of an inch thick clear acrylic top shelf of my original system would have been adequate to support the weight of the Model D, it somehow seemed the appropriate opportunity to make the move to the cost-no-object, unique cellular structure and cross-linked resin system Formula shelf.

The distinctive core material used in the GPA Formula Shelf was developed originally for nuclear facilities, aerospace, and aviation isolation applications. The distinctive looking carbon fiber shell, combined with this proprietary core, exhibits a high strength to weight ratio, and provides substantial resistance to the transmission of vibration across a broad frequency range.

To stop at calling the GPA Formula Shelf merely effective would be like proclaiming the Arctic Circle can get "chilly" in winter. Replacing the clear acrylic top shelf under the Model D, the formula shelf's impact and contribution was more significant than I could have imagined, even given my previous experience with all things GPA. I was afforded even more space than previously, in all three dimensions, as well as more accurate sizing and more clearly defined localization of instruments. The original velvety black quietness became even quieter! The overall background calm established from which the music emanates was even darker with the formula shelf in place... I sent my check!

Interestingly, at the same time he had sent the Formula Shelf, he included a set of the Apex footers. Each of the three just under an inch and a half tall Apex footers is fabricated from two hand-laminated, high-pressure vacuum-cured layers of Carbon fiber. Those two layers, both the outer skin and the core/base of the device, are decoupled via a proprietary damping polymer.

The super-dense polymer (also used in the upright columns of their Monaco SE) separating the core/base segment of the Apex from its outer skin was developed in collaboration with one of their former racing aerospace partners. Alvin claims that it exhibits a far higher energy dissipation ratio than any of the metals or compounds commonly used for other component isolation footers, and is just one of many claimed technological advances Grand Prix Audio enjoys over its competition.

By presenting three dissimilar materials boundaries to the e...

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